Michael Louie


CONSPIRACY! More ominous words are rarely uttered in the English language! I call conspiracy! on Blizzard Entertainment! I returned back to Delaware this past weekend, as I sometimes do throughout the year, to visit the family. Occasionally I have mail waiting for me when I get back. Usually it’s in the form of junk mail like pre-approved credit cards (which I’d never get because I have terrible credit already), Delta Sky Miles, my high school alumni newsletter… but this time there was one with DVD-like packaging and lo and behold! A free copy of World of Warcraft! With a free complimentary 1-month membership! Once again I could be taming the horde of monsters, mastering magic spells and grinding out the XP, of which I’m so familiar due to my experience with FFXI. Well, I told you all how that one ended.

So how the hell did Blizzard get my address? Am I on some kind of list for people susceptible to unlimited hours of entertainment? Did they seek me out personally after I wrote that article? Is there an Unseen Hand coming after us all who’ve abandoned the MMO life? I almost felt the MMO-claw creeping over my shoulder. Maybe I could be the next Best Paladin In The World? Too late though… hockey playoffs are coming up. I tossed the disk in the trash and hopped back on the wagon.

sidenote: I did pickup Left for Dead for XBOX 360 this weekend, though. Fighting a different kind of horde now.

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