Cat’s in the Bag

Casey McKinney


Just another day of eye candy, but this cat is talented.  The video above takes some patience to watch, a bit like an Antonioni flick.  If you want more action check this one.  Anyway trying to read the past two days (books), which seems impossible recently.  I don’t know what happened, but just as a torrent of people were about to leave Facebook over privacy issues (and now loudly unhappy over design), it seems everyone is on at hyperspeed (I think it’s the larger font no one likes in the new design, but that’s what keeps the feed more fast paced; if you don’t pay attention for a bit, stuff goes below the “fold” as they say in the newspaper biz, and you miss out), and yeah it’s a little addicting I have to admit.  And of course since the “twat” heard round the world from Stephen Colbert, twitter is catching on with more folk, and taking up my time now too.

Two people whose words mean a lot to me, Dennis Cooper and Ed Park both just added mammoth reading challenges on respective sites. Click this Cooper link and then ask yourself if you have actually read two books by all of the authors mentioned so you can judge which is the author’s best and worst book. If no, then hell, get offline and read.  The Ed Park list is great too, it’s what he is teaching at Columbia currently in a “Comic Novel” class.  So with list in hand, you can now be a virtual student and read along.