Two Stories

Bryce Jones


“May the clapper strike them dead! May the empty valve of their ear be mirrored in a myxomatous heart! And may they never be remembered beyond their death!” Two stories by Bryce Jones.


Analeah Loschiavo Rosen


“The border is somewhere I’ve never been. Before this walk I had never thought of the border. Not in this way.” Fiction by Analeah Loschiavo Rosen.


Leonora Desar


“After we had sex he would talk about his daughter.” Short fiction by Leonora Desar.

Bruegel the Elder Never got Called an Asshole

Dan Melling


“I saw a Bruegel painting not long ago. I don’t remember which one. I do remember thinking, ‘If they came—the gun-to-your-head men, the would-you-rather enforcers—which Bruegel painting would I eat?'” Fiction by Dan Melling.

Death Called Comfort

Natalie Casagran Lopez


“She starts a blog where she posts recipes that can be filed as both stew and edible face mask. A rash bubbles up, her cheek a pink ripped vellum.” New work by Natalie Casagran Lopez.

Welcome To My Possum Kingdom

Alexandra Naughton


“I was sitting on my stoop, smoking a spliff, thinking about my future, thinking about why I’m having a hard time working on my writing.” New work by Alexandra Naughton.

Ben Affleck on the Ground

Paul Hansen


“If I rob this bank they’ll make a movie of me someday. That’s the way it goes.” Fiction by Paul Hansen.

Immigrant’s Song

Chris Oxley


Chris Oxley with a moving historical essay following a Russian-born Jewish songwriter’s immigration and aspiration in turn-of-the-20th-century America.

Failure Porn

Priscilla Posada


“I read an article on, and want to borrow the line ‘beyond repression and fetishization’ from Jörg Heiser. Then I go buy groceries and a new charger for my planned obsolescent-phone.” Fiction by Priscilla Posada.

“What Else” & “Stay”

Chris Garson


“This may be where my performance of data-entry operations begins to decline, causing the seams of the sky to split and everyone to be expelled.” Fiction by Chris Garson.