On Do Your Own Damn Laundry

Clara B. Jones


Clara B. Jones reviews Do Your Own Laundry, “an inspired hybrid project formulated by Suzanne Stein and Steve Benson” displaying “discursive tension of an interpersonal nature as each author exerts their identity and agency in a process moving from relative strangers to, more or less, intimate partners.”

Grappling with Singularity: On Reading Faylor’s Registration Caspar

Michael Martrich


Registration Caspar is urgently prophetic, a mirror onto the future, a mirror quite necessary where our own Vladi(mirrors) are Estra(gone).” Michael Martrich reviews.

Book Album Book: Eclipse

Jeff T. Johnson


The latest edition of Jeff T. Johnson’s Book Album Book focuses on the profound and otherworldly genius of Alice Coltrane.

Hold Your Horses, Grace: A Review of Joshua Kornreich’s Horsebuggy

Paul Cunningham


“Who is speaking to you? Is it the man with the crooked nose or is it the woman with the crooked chin? And what’s that noise?” Paul Cunningham reviews Joshua Kornreich’s richly styled and mysterious new novel, Horsebuggy.

Manifestation of the Absurd: A Review of Oliverio Girondo’s Decals

Joseph Houlihan


A friend of Borges, and a massive force within the history of twentieth century Argentine poetics, Oliverio Girondo’s avant-garde language-play finds fabulous new life in Open Letter’s translation by Rachel Galvin & Harris Feinsod. Joseph Houlihan reviews.

The Love Song of John R. Miller: A Review of The Trouble You Follow by John R. Miller

Sam Farahmand


Part music review and part road trip story about the singer-songwriter John R. Miller, Sam Farahmand provides the portrait of an artist finding sobriety and a stronger sense of self on his sophomore album.

To Sense and Perceive: A Review of A manifest detection of death-lot in banking games

Clara B. Jones


death-lot is telling us our strategies will lose in the long term, isn’t it? This sounds nihilistic…” Clara B. Jones with a review-in-dialogue of new work by Andy Martrich.

The Gun is a Blowfish: A Review of The Great American Suction by David Nutt

Connor Goodwin


“Though the novel is more farcical than satirical, Nutt channels some of literature’s greatest satirists, from the rhetorical elusiveness of Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls to Thomas Pynchon’s zany subplots to George Saunders’ big-hearted generosity.” Connor Goodwin reviews.

Cruise in a Heart-Shaped Carwash: A Review of K. Michelle Dubois’s Harness

Randal O'Wain


Foundational Atlanta singer-songwriter K. Michelle Dubois returns with her third solo album, Harness, engaging new terrain between the underground and mainstream pop, a la the Breeders. Randal O’Wain reviews.

“Neither a lie nor a confession” : A Review of Strike a Prose: Memoirs of a Lit Diva Extraordinaire

Meghan Lamb


Conceptions of the real, unreal, and hyperreal converge in Tim Jones-Yelvington’s polyvocal hybrid novel, forming a continuously shifting “kaleidoscope of cultural tropes and myths of queer identity.” Meghan Lamb reviews.