Book Album Book: Music for Meditation

Jeff T. Johnson


Jeff T. Johnson’s Book Album Book returns with a multidimensional meditation on Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s 2013 album Tides.

Oscars Distracted

Kevin Killian


Kevin Killian’s annual Oscars rapid-react tunes in on what went missing during a period of declining ratings and social scandal.

Pornography as a Model for Consensual Sex and Feminism

Nancy Jainchill


Nancy Jainchill takes an inside look at how the increasing influence of feminism in the adult entertainment industry, both on and off set, now provides a more ethical model for consensual sex than mainstream culture.

Allen Ruppersberg: Intellectual Property 1968-2018

Joseph Houlihan


L.A.-based conceptualist Allen Ruppersberg’s Intellectual Property 1968-2018 retrospective, now open at the Hammer Museum of UCLA, is a revelation of constraint, automatism, and obsession. Joseph Houlihan reviews.

Book Album Book: Katabasis (Hermit and the Recluse, Orpheus vs. the Sirens)

Jeff T. Johnson


“One person’s hell is another person’s storyline.” The latest installment of Jeff T. Johnson’s Book Album Book tackles Hermit and the Recluse’s Orpheus vs the Sirens.

The Space Invaders

Frankie Allegra


“As a girl, to become a woman, I was taught that my body is a gun.” Frankie Allegra examines the definitions of personal space, “grinding,” sexual assault, and how her understanding of violation has changed over time.

Four short forays into eschewing salvation through the rebuking/prophetic musings of the Lower East Side Patron Saint Peter Greene

Lee Levinson


“Grocery shopping always soothes the homicide in your hall closet.” 4 short one man plays based on the living archetype of actor Peter Greene by Lee Levinson.


Alex DiFrancesco


“The man who says he loves me says he is rarely affected so deeply by someone he has never met in real life as he is by me.” Alex DiFrancesco examines the endless shapes and layers of image encountered throughout the search for love on Grindr.

Mourning: or summer

Erica Ammann


Erica Ammann explores nostalgia, pain, desire, resistance, and narrative as related in the music of Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski, as well as through the writing of Derrida, Sarah Gerard, and more.

To Know, To Realize, To Carry a Weight

Stephanie Cawley


Stephanie Cawley takes a deeply personal look through the lens of the passing of her father at how we manage the experience of grief in attempting to communicate with ourselves and with others.