Blue Dye Leaves Rats Unparalyzed

Casey McKinney


As a kid I read Cujo by Stephen King, and I remember thinking strange the inordinate amount of time spent at the beginning on the red dye in cereal that was making kids sick as opposed to scenes of a big slobbery St. Bernard terrorizing folks on the hoods of cars, like in the movie. In any case, this evening in the news, it just seemed a little funny to look up and see on a suspended TV monitor a mouse with blue feet and a blue nose and a caption that said blue dye helps those with spinal injuries as I enjoyed a sandwich at Manuel’s (the rats can walk now, with a limp, but are blue in tint in the extremities). Well now that’s not funny, it’s fucking great, if real. My sis spent thirty years paralyzed, for the most part. Need to read up more on this. Just imagine though, blue could be the new color of happy…or…anyway. Am writing this as I watch the glowing blue Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen for the first time. Rats by Danny Jock. -CM

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