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Wish In One Hand, Shit In The Other

Scott Creney


Scott Creney dissects the ‘#mswl’ phenomenon, by which literary agents taken to broadcasting their desires for new work, essentially turning the lit world into a who-can-namecheck-the-hottest-tv-shows-in-their-pitch game, one where everyone loses.

Wings, Thighs, Breasts: It’s Hooters’ World, We Just Die In It

Scott Creney


What to do when you are given a gift card to Hooters and you don’t really want to go to Hooters? Scott Creney uses the opportunity to dig deep into what scantily clad wing chain says about sex and power in America.

Album Roundup: May+June 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney reminds you there’s more to listen to than what P4K and your indie friends push on you, with a roundup of new music by Beyonce, Cate Le Bon, Brian Eno, CE Schneider Topical, and more.

Album Roundup: April 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney back with a new month’s roundup of music loves and hates, including new work by Heron Oblivion, Kendrick Lamar, The Body, and much more.

Album Roundup: March 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney’s a parent to a small child and still listens to more music than most of us. His roundup of the highlights and lowlights of last month’s releases includes new sounds by Santigold, DIIV, Porches, Teen, and more.

Album Roundup: February 2016

Scott Creney


Scott Creney’s Music Roundup is your binary guide to starting the new year like you ended the last one: listening for the better, truer mess, including looks at recent releases by Savages, Rihanna, Future, and David Bowie.

24 Hrs in Swirl World

Scott Creney


Scott Creney is at his most American as he spends 24 hours in an Athens, GA convenience store.

Album Roundup: December 2015

Scott Creney


Scott Creney listens to a slew of new releases and finds—aside from Grimes’ latest—quite a bit that’s worth the bother, including Antlered Aunt Lord, PC Worship, and Lubomyr Melnyk.

Album Roundup: October 2015

Scott Creney


Put your ear against the screen and embrace that radiation: Scott Creney’s Album Roundup is now at the Fanzine, taking a qualitative look at many of the last month’s new releases, including albums by Joanna Newsom, Neon Indian, Protomartyr, and more.

Numb & Number – The Revolution Will Not Be Brooklynized

Scott Creney


Scott Creney tries to find anything other than Joshua Cohen and Ben Lerner in the new ‘novels’ from Joshua Cohen and Ben Lerner.