I Never Want to Sweat Blood: An Interview with Megan Martin

Sarah Rose Etter


Megan Martin opens up about her gunshot of a book, Nevers, foxes, R. Kelly, academia, and feeling like an outsider. Dig in.

Body Map: The Spine

Sarah Rose Etter


Body Map is a series that invites authors to write about the body. In the first edition, Sarah Rose Etter talks about the spine.

3 Artists That Made Me Not Want to Die This Winter

Sarah Rose Etter


Stuck inside? Hating life? Tired of winter? Join the club. But these three artists might make you want to keep on living.

Geode Jawns: The Street Gems of Paige Smith

Sarah Rose Etter


Urban geodes painstakingly crafted by the nimble fingers of Paige Smith make their way from Los Angles to Philadelphia and beyond. Sarah Rose Etter interviews the artist about paper, resin, and Murakami.