Getting Back To Your Own Hand: An Interview With Ann Hamilton

Sarah Rose Etter


The artist opens up about her latest installation, habitus, process, and spending your whole life returning to your own hand.

These Aren’t Normal Days: The Democratic National Convention

Sarah Rose Etter


Seven scenes from the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia that highlight politicians, protestors, artists, and the Hillary Clinton acceptance speech.

Three Jawns: Cruelty, Mitski, and Death

Sarah Rose Etter


“Hype is typically bullshit.” This month’s installation of Three Jawns dips into Maggie Nelson’s exploration of cruelty in art, a live set by New York’s Mitski, and Katie Roiphe’s index of writers’ takes on death, The Violet Hour.

Three Jawns: Beach House, Problems, and Pissgrave

Sarah Rose Etter


“Nothing feels special anymore.” Amidst a contemporary blank space, Sarah Rose Etter finds three sources of current inspiration in the form of shows by Beach House and horror-grind band Pissgrave and a novel by Jade Sharma.

Queen of Translation: The Susan Bernofsky Interview

Sarah Rose Etter


Calling Susan Bernofsky from an office conference room to discuss Jenny Erpenbeck, Robert Walser, witch-dom, stealth gloss, and the general state of translation today.

The Sensual & The Intellectual: The Art of Anthony Sonnenberg

Sarah Rose Etter


In this interview, the artist opens up about his influences, growing up in a small Texas town, and the lure of Greek myth and porcelain.

Three Jawns: Knight of Cups, Good People, and Nox

Sarah Rose Etter


In the latest edition of her Three Jawns column, Sarah Rose Etter takes a look at new work by Terrence Malick, Robert Lopez, and Anne Carson.

Three Jawns: Lobsters, Louise, and Ritual

Sarah Rose Etter


In the first installment of her new column, Three Jawns, Sarah Rose Etter takes a look at the latest surreal masterpiece by director Yorgos Lanthimos, a Bourgeois exhibition, and the latest from CA Conrad.

Pessimistic & Cynical: An Interview with Dominic Palermo

Sarah Rose Etter


The frontman of Nothing shares his views on literature, existentialism, Charles Bukowski, and hating Ayn Rand in this interview.

Circus Freaks & Spirit Moans: An Interview with Lindsay Hunter

Sarah Rose Etter


Lindsay Hunter offers a look into her latest book, Ugly Girls, the explosions of human interaction, and why she will always love Stevie Nicks.