All You Pretty Things: Randal O’Wain Talks with Juliet Escoria about her debut novel Juliet the Maniac

Randal O'Wain


Juliet Escoria spoke with Randal O’Wain about Escoria’s debut novel, Juliet the Maniac, discussing autofiction, addiction, youth, and including a soundtrack straight from 1999.

Cruise in a Heart-Shaped Carwash: A Review of K. Michelle Dubois’s Harness

Randal O'Wain


Foundational Atlanta singer-songwriter K. Michelle Dubois returns with her third solo album, Harness, engaging new terrain between the underground and mainstream pop, a la the Breeders. Randal O’Wain reviews.

No Longer Exists: A Conversation Between Randal O’Wain and Jeff Jackson, Author of Destroy All Monsters

Randal O'Wain


Randal O’Wain spoke with Jeff Jackson about Jackson’s new novel from FSG, out now. Jackson will be a featured reader at this week’s Letters Fest in Atlanta.