ARTICLES BY nicksturm

Poem of the Llama

Nick Sturm


“Only a few of us remember it’s been raining / in the capital all along, where we went like dawn / stealing the jewels from the pines, which is to say / the system’s neon underwear has been shining through / all along. ” A new poem by Nick Sturm.

In the Garble: A Review of Alice Notley’s Negativity’s Kiss

Nick Sturm


Negativity’s Kiss imagines a brutal, satirical world where all language and communication, including the answer to who shot (the protagonist) Ines, are mired in the Garble, an internet-like substance that obscures truth.” Nick Sturm reviews Alice Notley.

The Pollock Streets: Ted Berrigan’s Art Writing, Part II

Nick Sturm


The second part of Nick Sturm’s study of Ted Berrigan’s lesser known writing on art, including his commentary on Henri Michaux, William Burroughs, and Joe Brainard.

The Pollock Streets: Ted Berrigan’s Art Writing, Part I

Nick Sturm


Nick Sturm takes an eye to Ted Berrigan’s lesser known approach to prose, focusing here specifically on his art writing, including critiques on Carl André and Alice Neel.