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Sometimes Humiliation Feels Good: A Conversation with Elle Nash

Nicholas Rys


Elle Nash in conversation with Nicholas Rys about her debut novel Animals Eat Each Other, out next week from Dzanc Books.

Between Body and Mind: An Interview with Meredith Alling

Nicholas Rys


Meredith Alling in conversation with Nicholas Rys about craft, inspiration, composition, and her debut collection of very short stories, Sing the Song.

Tobias Carroll Goes West

Nicholas Rys


Tobias Carroll in conversation with Nicholas Rys about the writing of his new novel, Reel, as well as zines, record labels, Bob Dylan’s Nobel, and much more.

You Gotta Be Careful About That: An Interview with Donald Ray Pollock

Nicholas Rys


Donald Ray Pollock in conversation with Nicholas Rys about finding a career writing while working at a paper mill, the contemporary reception of Southern fiction, TV writing, and his latest novel, The Heavenly Table.

Listening for the Voices We All Hear: A Conversation with Scott McClanahan

Nicholas Rys


“I don’t think people realize that books are fake and you can do anything you want with a book.” Nicholas Rys goes deep in conversation with Scott McClanahan on the occasion of his latest projection, a collaborative graphic novel with Ricardo Cavolo about the life of cult songwriter Daniel Johnston.

Mock the Death Trance: An Interview with Sean Kilpatrick

Nicholas Rys


Nicholas Rys spoke with Sean Kilpatrick about voice, influence, and lack of narrative in his latest book, Sucker June.