ARTICLES BY kentshaw

A Type of Understanding Stripped of Vision is Feeling: On Christopher DeWeese’s The Father of the Arrow is the Thought

Kent Shaw


A consistent sense of wonder laced with consequence looms throughout the body of Christopher DeWeese’s vivid second collection of poems, The Father of the Arrow is the Thought. Kent Shaw reviews.

Complicated Love: On Joanna Klink’s Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy

Kent Shaw


Where inside the speaker does love poetry come from and what becomes of love when it can no longer be professed? Kent Shaw reviews the latest book of poetry from Joanna Klink.

What Are We Violence: Jennifer MacKenzie’s My Not-My Soldier

Kent Shaw


Kent Shaw moves through the overwhelm of violence–and the questions of responsibility–in Jennifer MacKenzie’s My Not-My Soldier.

Uniquely Qualified Observer: Donna Stonecipher’s Model City

Kent Shaw


A contemporary relative to Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Donna Stonecipher’s Model City threads the idea of a multiplicity of place into one immense Model City. Kent Shaw reviews.

Amidst So Much Meadow: A Review of James McCorkle’s The Subtle Bodies

Kent Shaw


Kent Shaw reviews the showering aliveness of James McCorkle’s newest collection of poetry.

One Abstraction: On Laodicea by Eric Ekstrand

Kent Shaw


Kent Shaw dives through the multiple abstractions and lyricism of Eric Ekstrand’s Laodicea.