Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the Best Game Ever, So What

Kati Heng


Kati Heng plays Kim Kardashian: Hollywood so you don’t have to.

Which One of Four Girls are You?

Kati Heng


Kati Heng takes a frustrated look at the way seemingly all female experience is categorized into types on TV shows and movies.

Intensity is a Total Buzzkill: An Interview with Bob Schofield

Kati Heng


Kati Heng interviews cartoonist Bob Schofield about his upcoming book of beautiful strangeness, The Inevitable June.

Liking Things is the New Black

Kati Heng


Kati Heng argues that it’s time to embrace liking whatever you like, even Taylor Swift.

A Reappraisal of the Spice Girls

Kati Heng


Kati Heng listens for the first time to the Spice Girls’s debut (1996’s Spice), trying to get a contemporary read on the manufactured 90s Girl Power band.

A Taxonomy of Chicago Starbucks

Kati Heng


Kati Heng ranks the various Starbucks of Chicago that she’s patronized, starring chai tea, bread, and beer.

Just Being Miley

Kati Heng


Kati Heng tries to get her bearings on the disrupting force that is Miley Cyrus.

Television and/or True Love

Kati Heng


Kati Heng wrestles with The Bachelor and why the pleasures it offers might be more than mere candy.

Rookie Yearbook Two (or Why You Should Stop Caring about the Haters and Obsess over Tavi Gevinson)

Kati Heng


Kati Heng writes about how Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie might be the best magazine not just for teen women but all women.