It All Changes: An Interview with Monica Drake

Kati Heng


Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl and the story collection The Folly of Loving Life, answers questions about ghosts, meds, old Portland, and motherhood.

The Real Housewives of End Times

Kati Heng


“The camera zooms in on a window for a moment, we see Maribelle, nails bitten down until bleeding, look in shock out the small, saran-wrap window, talk to someone out of frame, and then cover the space with more aluminum.” It’s dark times for cast members of the Real Housewives in the hands of Kati Heng.

There Are No Hipsters in This Book: An Interview with Alex Mar about Witches in America

Kati Heng


Kati Heng interviews Alex Mar about her new book, Witches in America, and the place of witchcraft and paganism in broader culture.

We Can Objectify Transwomen, Too: Conversations about Caitlyn Jenner

Kati Heng


Kati Heng talks with strangers during Pride Week in Chicago’s Boystown about Caitlyn Jenner.

SURRENDER TO THE GOD OF PUNK: An Interview with Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt

Kati Heng


Kati Heng talks with Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro about punk, feminism, and Katy Perry’s shark theft.

Place, Family, Face, Name: on Ibeyi’s Ibeyi

Kati Heng


Kati Heng listens to French-Cuban duo Iyebi’s self-titled debut album and tries to wrestle with the ways we can and cannot handle musical heritage.

What is the Future For: An Interview with Corinne Mucha

Kati Heng


Kati Heng talks to Chicago artist Corinne Mucha about her work, audience, and being a woman in the indie comic scene.

David Bowie Is or Is Not

Kati Heng


Kati Heng does and does not find David Bowie at his exhibit in Chicago.

Staying Home Sick with the Housewives of Orange County

Kati Heng


Migraines go better with trashy reality TV, according to Kati Heng.

Whose Body Is My Body: Terrifying Things I Learned from Reading Katha Pollitt’s PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

Kati Heng


Kati Heng tries to wrestle with the question of whether an abortion is about the woman or the life she’s carrying.