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Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson checks in with his latest edition of Ideal Home Noise, taking a look at Welsh comics artist Chris Reynolds, Criterion’s release of Sergei Parajanov’s The Color of Pomegranates, new retrospectives of photographer Malick Sidibe and Robert Rauschenberg, and Tony Duvert’s Atlantic Island.

Empathy and Resistance: An Interview with Alan Michael Parker

Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson dives into Alan Michael Parker’s love of Gertrude Stein and the first person singular through the lens of his latest book from Dzanc.

Ideal Home Noise (15): Jaeggy, Sultan and Mandel, Bresson, Halpern

Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson’s Ideal Home Noise column returns with a look at five crucial bits of culture for your home — including Fleur Jaeggy, Bresson, and Halpern.

IDEAL HOME NOISE #14: Yoshida, Tate, Durand

Jeff Jackson


This edition of Ideal Home Noise takes a look at the Kiju Yoshida box set from Arrow Video, a Greg Tate reader, and Anouck Durand’s Eternal Friendship.

Unpublishable: Writing the Void in 25 Simple Steps

Jeff Jackson


In this installment of Unpublishable, Jeff Jackson shares 25 writing tips that will bring you closer to the void.

Ideal Home Noise (13): Clarke, Cortázar, Pushwagner

Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson dives in to the lifetime work of Alan Clarke, explores the latest release from the brain of Cortázar, and the uncovering of a thought-lost masterpiece from Pushwagner.

IDEAL HOME NOISE #12: Robert Frank

Jeff Jackson


The 12th installment of Jeff Jackson’s column focuses on the newly released 8-DVD box set of the film work of Robert Frank.

Ideal Home Noise (11): Kieslowski, Foy, Pettibon

Jeff Jackson


The latest installment of Jeff Jackson’s column focuses on a massive set of subversive biblical films from Poland, D. Foy’s exploration of the father, and the pen-and-ink noise of Raymond Pettibon.

Ideal Home Noise (10): Broodthaers, Blutch, Pizarnik

Jeff Jackson


In his tenth installment, Jeff Jackson shares surreal installations from Marcel Broodthaers, a look at the graphic novels of Blutch, and the knife-like poetry of Alejandra Pizarnik.

Ideal Home Noise (9): Breakdown, Berman, & Galembo

Jeff Jackson


In his ninth installment, Jeff Jackson details the noise that should be filling your home, including fantastic manga, Wallace Berman’s collages, and the masks of Galembo.