Jayne Says

Jane Connor


Resident expert on dating Jayne O’Connor answers your questions about sex, relationships, and dating. Sweet southern advice for sour topics. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Singly

Jane Connor


Jayne has the final word on her hot pursuit of love. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Disdain

Jane Connor


Meet the guys who never got a date with Jayne, in all the places they’re out lurking. With a sprinkling of sartorial advice and (wing) sauce. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Frankly

Jane Connor


Jayne faces some important hurdles in her relationship with Chris: sexting, honest conversations, and (alleged) crackheads. See Jayne solicit advice from ex-flings. See Jayne at the pool. See Jayne just say no.

See Jayne Sleep With Dogs

Jane Connor


See Jayne go on dates with her ideal man, she’s floating on air, it’s heavenly. In similar fashion, the most succinct poem ever written was about Paradise, “Fleas.” Adam / Had ’em. Art by Danny Jock.

Between Psychics and Stilettos

Jane Connor


A degree in physics will only get you so far in figuring out the laws of gravity and magnetic attraction. Dates by Jayne O’Connor; Algebra teacher by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Date: A Dog Date Afternoon

Jane Connor


Jayne and her wing-canine navigate eHarmony, bet on a dead cert, and enjoy some light recreation at the dog park. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Date: One Girl, Two Todds, and A Few Too Many

Jane Connor


Jayne’s first good-faith effort in the blind date arena––going head-to-head with suits, sexual harassment, and murderous preconceptions.

See Jayne Date: Jayne Likes Dicks

Jane Connor


Any personal views expressed on Dating Assholes, How to Identify a Decent Boyfriend, or Possible Remedies are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Fanzine.

How I Accidentally Ended Up At An Orgy

Jane Connor


Jayne O’Connor finds that an invite to a pajama party doesn’t always mean…