Of Death and Murder

Jamie Iredell


A crucifixion and witchcraft-laden excerpt from Jamie Iredell’s Last Mass, out now from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Creatures Who Stab Your Eyeballs and Eat Off Your Face and Slice Up Your Guts to Put on Pizza

Jamie Iredell


Jamie Iredell talks with John David Fleming about his love of monsters, myth, Florida, and his latest book, Songs for the Deaf.

Body Map: What Do Fish Hear?

Jamie Iredell


Body Map is a series that invites authors to write about the body. In this edition, Jamie Iredell discusses what fish hear, middle ear bones, and Top Gun.

No Sleep At All

Jamie Iredell


What happens when you put 12,000 introverts in one room with fluorescent lighting? Jamie Iredell reviews the breakfasts, brawls, and awkward moments of AWP.

Cars I’ve Spit On

Jamie Iredell


Jamie Iredell finally explains why he’s been spitting on all of our cars in this raging takedown of terrible drivers.