Anti-Bond: A Conversation with Andrea Kleine

Jaime Fountaine


Andrea Kleine in conversation with Jaime Fountaine about the porous feeling of living in the shadow of trauma, as depicted in Kleine’s new novel, Eden.

Wild Bird Store: An Interview with Bud Smith

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine interviews Bud Smith about birds and his latest book, Work, out from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

More Than Love & Joy: A Conversation with Hanif Abdurraqib

Jaime Fountaine


Hanif Abdurraqib talks about his incredible new book, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, the story inside his cultural heroes, and finding joy in the emotional orchestra.

Empathy is Everything: A Conversation with D. Foy

Jaime Fountaine


D. Foy speaks with Jaime Fountaine about his latest book, Absolutely Golden, and leveraging Playboy as source material.

The Chasm of You: In Conversation with Lindsay Hunter

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine explores feminism and art with Lindsay Hunter on the occasion of her new novel, Eat Only When You’re Hungry.

All The Things We Cannot Know: A Review of Sunshine State

Jaime Fountaine


Sunshine State translates the personal into the universal in essays ranging in subject from homelessness to domestic violence to Amway. Jaime Fountaine reviews.

The Winter Depression Netflix Roundup

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine guides you through the analysis paralysis of the Netflix dashboard with 15 microreviews of your new favorite trashy shit to watch mired in the cold.

Seared Into Memory: An Interview with Molly Brodak

Jaime Fountaine


Molly Brodak talks about the process of writing her memoir, Bandit, in this illuminating interview about memory, the past, and cake.

Under The Skeleton Tree: On Nick Cave and Decay

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine explores the grief, decay, and loss in Nick Cave’s movie, One More Time With Feeling, and latest album, The Skeleton Tree.

Until My Eyes Are Soakin’: An Evening With Iggy Pop

Jaime Fountaine


Jaime Fountaine reports on a night with Iggy Pop, which leads to a reflection of self-editing, love, and freedom.