American Football, A Truly Barbaric Sport

Gregg Murray


Gregg Murray takes a hard look at the problematic, ritualized violence inherent in America’s most popular sport.

Why I Don’t Have Sports Heroes

Gregg Murray


Gregg Murray unpacks the ethics of aspiring to greatness at any cost, inspecting the dividing line between a winner’s “grit” and the sometimes gray area around cheating.

Pipe Dreams: Why J.R. Smith Isn’t as Weird as You Think

Gregg Murray


Is J.R. Smith insane? Or is he just a one-of-a-kind mind within the script-friendly culture of pro sports? Gregg Murray delves into the mythology surrounding the one of the NBA’s most flamboyant personalities.

Explanations Are Impossible: A Review of Bandit: A Daughter’s Memoir

Gregg Murray


Molly Brodak’s Bandit tells the story of growing up the daughter of a multiple felon bank robber in Detroit, and in the process shatters all expectations of how a memoir is supposed to work. Gregg Murray reviews.

The End Zone Profanations of Chad Ochocinco

Gregg Murray


Gregg Murray takes a look at how end zone celebrations in the NFL bizarrely transgress the violent spectacle that is the modern NFL, though the lens of one of the phenomenon’s greatest provocateurs, Chad Ochocinco.