From Grit to Pearl: An Interview with Sham-e-Ali Nayeem

Gina Myers


“Named for Hyderabad, India, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem’s debut book of poetry, City of Pearls explores loss and grief through the experience of a Muslim Indian woman whose sense of home is further lost following the death of her father.” Gina Myers in conversation with Sham-e-Ali Nayeem.

A Song About Overthrowing Capitalism: On Ryan Eckes’ General Motors

Gina Myers


Gina Myers takes a look at Ryan Eckes’ latest, General Motors, which examines Philadelphia, capitalism, and pigeons shitting on bosses.

Haunted & Uplifted: An Interview with Tommy Pico

Gina Myers


Gina Myers and Tommy Pico explore New York, Tumblr, and his new book, IRL, from Birds LLC.

Reclaim What Is Ours: Sandra Simonds’s Steal It Back

Gina Myers


Sandra Simonds melds domestic discontent with the unpredictable in her new collection, Steal It Back. Gina Myers reviews.

The Struggle Is Real: Morgan Parker’s Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up at Night

Gina Myers


What is BreakBeat poetry? Who is Miss Black America? Morgan Parker’s debut collection sheds a ton of necessary light. Gina Myers reviews.

Blurred Lines: As We Know by Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch

Gina Myers


As We Know redefines the writer/editor relationship by blurring all boundaries between them. Gina Myers reviews.

The Biggest Villain: An Interview with Jamie Iredell

Gina Myers


Jamie Iredell talks with Gina Myers about why he is ashamed of who he is, but not afraid of it.

All Glitter, Everything: An Interview with Laura Relyea

Gina Myers


Laura Relyea has transformed Ke$ha, the very embodiment of glitter’s most popular properties (sharp, dangerous, sparkles) into an everywoman, the kind of best friend a girl dreams about, a glorious and monstrous synthesis of all the women you wish you could be, in her forthcoming chapbook All Glitter, Everything. Gina Myers sits down with Relyea to discuss her many varied projects and inspirations.

This Is A Book, Tina: A Review of Peter Davis’s Tina

Gina Myers


The llama from Napoleon Dynamite or Peter Davis’s muse? The shifting, fading, making out image of Tina and her legacy.

Three Chapbooks

Gina Myers


New chapbooks by Marisa Crawford, Jared White, and Brenda Sieczkowski. Small volumes encountering the big issues: Rebellion! Love! Bears eating potato chips!