A Meal Is More Than a Meal: An Interview with Hala Alyan

Eric Nelson


Hala Alyan in conversation with Eric Nelson about her debut novel, Salt Houses, which traces the history of a Palestinian family in conflict amid political furor.

Our Spot Forever: A Review of White Girl

Eric Nelson


Elizabeth Wood’s debut feature film, White Girl, provides a complicated mix of shock value and late 90s aesthetics to create a controversial, and perhaps exploitative, new film packed full of sex, drugs, and hustling.

The Patron Saint of the Impossible: Francesco Munzi’s Black Souls

Eric Nelson


The latest film from Francesco Munzi appropriates mob culture, not through violence, but through moral strategy. Eric Nelson reviews.

The Giant Possibilities of the Human Spirit: A Review of Furious 7

Eric Nelson


What can the Fast and Furious movies teach us about death? Eric Nelson reviews.

God is an American: Bros and Cultural Imperialism in The Interview

Eric Nelson


Eric Nelson takes a look at what is unspoken and what is lacking in The Interview.

The Mountains Are Strip-Mined: A Review of Scott McClanahan’s Hill William

Eric Nelson


Scott McClanahan’s latest novel, Hill William, newly released from Tyrant Books, reheats the miracle beneath the darkness of the everyday. Eric Nelson reviews.

The Backbone of Any Legitimate Art: An Interview with Justin Pearson

Eric Nelson


An interview with Justin Pearson about the Che Café days and replays, writing books, and practicing avoidance. The evasive noisecore frontman on sincerity and art.

Gulf Coast Deep Game

Eric Nelson


An unbiased glimpse of the culture of dog fighting in 1960s Texas: new fiction from Eric Nelson. Art by Danny Jock.