Nu-Metal Can Decay: In Conversation with Theodore Darst

Ed Steck


Filmmaker Theodore Darst in conversation over his new video, THE TOURIST – a bad neighborhood, taking on infinity, horror, environments, nu-metal, rioting, and Woodstock ’99.

When the Car Won’t Start: It’s Exactly What You Think It Is, If It’s Exactly What You Think It Isn’t

Ed Steck


Ed Steck veers his monthly column on b-movie horror toward 1973’s Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood, a reality-bending, resolutionless ensemble unnervingly set at amusement park in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

When the Car Won’t Start: The Somnambulant Body Melt of The Incredible Melting Man

Ed Steck


In the first installment of his ongoing B-movie and exploitation film revue, Ed Steck takes a look at the bizarre confluence of styles at play in 1977’s The Incredible Melting Man.

The Brain That You Want In The Moment That You Want It: A Review of Steven Zultanski’s Bribery

Ed Steck


Bribery bears witness as an unrelenting cavalcade of American grotesquery. Ed Steck reviews.