Okay, Alexa

Derick Dupre


“Sometimes I’ll wake up in a fright and the words SO WAS I appear to be spelled in blood on my bedroom walls. SO WAS I has become a mantra for all my failures past and present.” Fiction by Derick Dupre.

Unpublishable: Fragments From An Underground Notebook

Derick Dupre


Derick Dupre shares an entry from a notebook of thoughts he collected when he was 23 and working at a bookstore in Penn Station. Enjoy this March of the Damned.

Coastal Zone

Derick Dupre


“A man with bypass scars spoons something greasy into his mouth. Torpid picnics in the sand. An embarrassment of fishcakes. A pornography of bologna. The sun. The scents.” New short fiction by Derick Dupre.

Agave Landscape

Derick Dupre


“Ellen looked to the cloudbright sky and visualized contrails spelling out #NOFILTER, then #NATURALEZAMUERTA.” New short fiction from Derick Dupre.