The Invisible Man

Daniel Beauregard


“The sharper the pen knife is the easier it will be to penetrate the skull, which is where we’re going.” New fiction by Daniel Beauregard.

Painters Probably Have Their Own Challenges: An Interview with Bruce Covey

Daniel Beauregard


Daniel Beauregard sits down with poet and publisher of Coconut Books, Bruce Covey, for a discussion on reading, the machinery of poetry, and his latest book, Change Machine, as well as two new poems.

Masahiro Shinoda and his film Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees (1975)

Daniel Beauregard


Daniel Beauregard on one of the most stunning films by Japanese New Wave icon Masahiro Shinoda.

Three Little Devils: A Discussion of Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers

Daniel Beauregard


American indulgence and destruction may have never had a more appropriate depiction than in Harmony Korine’s VHS-affected feature, Trash Humpers.

Six Poems

Daniel Beauregard


Six poems of death, sex, and dreaming computers by Daniel Beauregard.

Blah Blah Blah: An Interview with Rauan Klassnik

Daniel Beauregard


Rauan Klassnik talks to Daniel Beauregard about penis enlargement procedures, poets in big shiny hats, and how death is a peach he can suck.