ARTICLES BY carolyndc

Privacy Given Freely: A Review of Shannon Burns’s Oosh Boosh

Carolyn DeCarlo


What is the Oosh Boosh? What does it want? Carolyn DeCarlo reviews Shannon Burns’s debut collection, out now from 421 Atlanta.

Uncapping the Press: CA Mullins on Bottlecap Press

Carolyn DeCarlo


Carolyn DeCarlo follows up on her profile of Bottlecap Press with a conversation with publisher CA Mullins about the ins and outs of running an independent press.

Uncapping the Press: My Introduction to Bottlecap Press & Top Picks of 2015

Carolyn DeCarlo


Carolyn DeCarlo delves into the rapidly amassing and invigorating catalog of publications by Alaska-based indie publisher Bottlecap Press, including work by Kimmy Walters, Zooey Ghostly, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Alexandra Wuest, and more.

Bats of the Republic: A Piece of Unnatural History

Carolyn DeCarlo


Zachary Thomas Dodson’s Bats of the Republic combines sci-fi, mystery, steampunk, and many other modes with continuously innovative design. Carolyn DeCarlo reviews.