Is Publishing a Purgatory? A Conversation with Robert Kloss

Amber Sparks


Robert Kloss and Amber Sparks in conversation on influence, the difficulty of writing experimental fiction and trying to sell experimental fiction in a traditional way, and the hazards of publishing in any format or medium.

The Literary Dung Ball: In Conversation with Jac Jemc and Amber Sparks

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks & Jac Jemc tackle plot, ghosts, and craft in their conversation on the occasion of Jemc’s new novel, The Grip of It.

“I Cannot Enter Her”: On Search & Escape in the Book of Mutter

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks explores the myth, maze, and memory of Kate Zambreno’s latest innovative work, The Book of Mutter.

Where Wonder Lives Online: Why Instagram is the New Cabinet of Curiosities

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks argues for Instagram as a continuous archive of the previously unseen and offers a curated range of new sources for your feed.

Memory As Story: A Review of Find Me

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks dives into the memory, loss, and apocalypse in Laura van den Berg’s Find Me.

John Dermot Woods’s Love/Hate Letter to Baltimore

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks tackles the psychosis of a city unraveling in John Dermot Woods’s self-illustrated new novel, The Baltimore Atrocities.

An American Landscape: Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours

Amber Sparks


Amber Sparks delves into the peyote-laced language of Luke B. Goebel’s new book, discovering a feral soul, hymns, and wild prayers.

Body Map: Mouth Cave

Amber Sparks


Body Map is a series that invites authors to write about the body. In the fifth installment, Amber Sparks talks about the mouth cave.

Figures for an Apocalypse: A Dissection

Amber Sparks


Edward Mullany’s newest is a vision of the world ending that eschews blood and guts for true, deep dread. Amber Sparks reviews.