Doug Aitken’s Migration of Light

Zoey Mondt


“Draping a building in light and image" Doug Aitken "appropriates the architecture, transforms it into art, his art, and demands greater responsibility and participation from the viewer who in turn navigates their own perspective and experience" as Zoey Mondt writes, taking us through the plazas and grottoes of his wandering of light, migration, now at Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

American Mirrored – Dan Graham: Beyond

Zoey Mondt


Dan Graham has been a working artist since the 1960’s, and is one of America’s foremost talents, carving paths in the conceptual field, in sculpture, architecture, performance art and video.  The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is currently housing a retrospective of his work, Dan Graham: Beyond.  Zoey Mondt glimpses through the myriad of mirrors that Graham holds up with a critical eye, reflecting who we are (in case we don’t know).

Barry McGee: Mature Works

Zoey Mondt


Have this funny feeling we’ll get some flak for this review. What with our magazine’s seeming anarachic name and all that it implies. But what the hell, Ms. Mondt says what needs to be said here about Mr. McGee’s ‘Mature Works’ and the art establishment that bottom feeds off so called Lowbrow or Street Art.

Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines at MOCA Los Angeles

Zoey Mondt


Zoey Mondt wanted to title this piece My Boyfriend’s Back: A Portrait of the Artist in Sweaters. Well that was a bit long… and while Rausch can strike a handsome pose when donning a sweater, this retrospective is about his groundbreaking Combines. Mondt takes some issue with the museum’s handling of the exhibit.

The New Big In Japan: Interview with Keith Rocka

Zoey Mondt


Zoey Mondt talks to DJ Keith Rocka of Sea Otter about the MySpace music phenomenon, Bjork by proxy and living in L.A..