ARTICLES BY Wilbur Wilson

Beyond Beyond Bedlam

Wilbur Wilson


The anti-crackpot paints the walls in splendor, decides: The work’s the thing. The daisy chain that links psychoanalysis, relative graffiti, the considerations of art, the considerations of imprisonment, the Rhineau Collection (recently displayed in the Medical History Museum at the University of Zurich), the geography of the Outsider, and the cocktail closer.

The Abortion Issue Gets Sticky

Wilbur Wilson


Introducing the scathing Mencken-like wit of Wilbur Wilson, Fanzine’s own Washington mole. Not for the faint of heart, Wilson asks the tough questions in a way most journalists are afraid to. For his first article, he queries: What are those punk kids doing standing on the steps of the Supreme Court with their mouths all taped up?