ARTICLES BY Trinie Dalton

Sex and Micro Prose: A Common Pornography by Kevin Sampsell and Man’s Companions by Joanna Ruocco

Trinie Dalton


Kevin Sampsell, a longtime indie press stalwart with his Portland-based Future Tense Press, is also the author of A Common Pornography, a memoir about sex and family told largely in small segments. Joanna Ruocco’s writing has received praise from Brian Evenson, Robert Coover and Carole Maso. Her second book Man’s Companions is a collection of very short stories.  Trinie Dalton, no stranger to the world of short prose, reviews these two new works.

Gardeners Anonymous

Trinie Dalton


Trinie Dalton, author of Wide Eyed, delivers Fanzine a tale of ghosts, gardens and Pinocchio, just right for ringing out the summer! The story was inspired by the accompanying plant drawings by Dalton’s brother Greg, an avid botanist and artist based in LA.

Review: Rip It Up and Start Again

Trinie Dalton


Trinie Dalton reviews Simon Reynolds’ Rip it Up and Start Again: PostPunk 1978-1984 and takes issue with the term "Post-" but ultimately finds that Reynolds’ phenominally detailed book rescues the term for the better.

The Psychedelic Bible

Trinie Dalton


Trinie Dalton reviews Steven Krakow’s obsessive psychedelic music magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier.

Put Your 3-D Glasses On and Drop Acid Now

Trinie Dalton


Author Trinie Dalton gives a high five to some of her favorite indie publications – BJ and Da Dogs, Paperrad, The Ganzfeld, and Picture Box


Trinie Dalton


"Oceanic" from Trinie Dalton’s collection Wide Eyed on Akashic Books’ Little House on the Bowery Series, edited by Dennis Cooper. Now available for order! Beaches, marriage, rum and the fear of things swimming beneath you.