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100 Percent Handsome

Robyn Weisman


"Did you get my profile?" I get in an email and a couple of surprise chats, and I’m like oh hell I am so behind with Ms. Weisman because the other piece she sent in was like 25 pages and I am thinking – profile, oh no, it could be longer – and I’m about ready for adderol therapy, but then breathe and then fall into that tunnel, you know that vortex of clarity and focus that means something’s good and realize we have a bona fide gem of hallucinatory gonzo style profilage on Fanzine’s hands, lizards and all, but just a taste now, like a lemon biscuit for tea. And heck I have a half chihuahua thing too, a dog, albeit!…but so you have to read this…NOW!

Online Help

Robyn Weisman


The world of employment agencies and temp workers is a bizarre one, and when it intersects with a graveyard shift proofreading at a legal firm, things can can get downright maddening. Here, Robyn Weisman recounts the experience of working with the kind of woman that temp agencies just love – pleasant, chatty and eager to increase her words-per-minute – and watches her true identity emerge over the course of the night. Art by Danny Jock.

Breeders Pt. 3: Faux Pimping

Robyn Weisman


In the third segment of Robyn Weisman’s "Breeders" series, we find her with some swagger amidst the breeding set, and for good reason – by her side is a healthy new filly, Birdie, out strutting her stuff with mom and mom.

Big Horses: A Triple Crown Report

Robyn Weisman


Mid-summer, and the big three are over, and again no Triple Crown. Robyn Weisman looks back at some of horse racing’s bigger names, from the 70’s packed with Trip winners, to this year’s strong filly Rags To Riches

The Jewish Question: Breeders, Part 2

Robyn Weisman


It took a while, but Robyn Weisman returns with her second piece on horse breeding; this time relating the Jewish-ness of a certain strain of Straight Egyptian horses to her own ancestry. The fact that over a century ago, Arab nomads who bred stallions reviled a palomino type as "the yellow of the Jew" speaks to a culture to which history has not always been so kind. Weisman puts it in perspective, and gets in a few political jabs to boot.

Breeders, Part 1: Semen Collection Deep in the Heart of Dubya

Robyn Weisman


Ah, horse breeding in Crawford, Texas…What’s with those Shetland Pony penises? Do Republicans really jack off horses? Not all Arabian horse breeders are as bad as "hell-uv-a-job" Michael "Brownie" Brown. Robyn Weisman explains why.