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Bombs Away Borel at 50:1: The Derby Postmortem

Pete Hausler


"It’s all in the hands!", not sure what was better, the race or Borel after. If you read Pete Hausler’s preview before the Derby, you…

BOMBS AWAY: Five Live Long shots to Die For, A 2009 Kentucky Derby Preview

Pete Hausler


As Pete Hausler pointed out last year, there are some very unscientific ways to bet on the Kentucky Derby, even more so than the stock market, which was seemingly almost still okay then.  But this time around he focuses on long shots specifically, so oh nelly, gamblers get ready for heavy panting on Derby Day – TODAY – Saturday, May 2nd, yes read now before you place your bets. Cover Art by Danny Jock ("I Want Revenge" – good name but sits as a/the favorite, rather than a long shot….and wait, Update: I want Revenge was scratched this morning due to an injury. Hmmm. And with a sloppy track now odds keep changing.) 2nd Update:….And it’s over!  And whaddayaknow A Long Shot Won, Calvin Borel on Mine That Bird, at 50-1 odds! Check the Derby postmortum on the Fanzine Blog.

All Hail Hull City

Pete Hausler


How hard can it be to find an English football jersey? Well harder than you think, Pete Hausler finds, especially when you are hunting for the gold and black of the Hull City Tigers, one of the year’s great cinderella stories in all of sports. Art by Danny Jock

Zen Betting The Roses: A Kentucky Derby Preview for Beginning Betters

Pete Hausler


It’s Derby Day, been Derby Week. Have you picked out your best hat yet? Or for that matter the horses you’re betting on? Could study the hell out of the program, uhh…racing forms that is, try to get the scientific scoop on trainers, jockeys or the health status of the horses and whatnot, or try what Pete does, and what a lot of gamblers often do – use your best illusion. Art by Danny Jock.