ARTICLES BY Pete Hausler

Soccer! A U.S.-Centric Preview of Argentina’s World Cup Triumph

Pete Hausler


Pete Hausler takes a look at the field for the 2014 World Cup, featuring a fair-handed assessment of how the U.S. team may fare. Art by Danny Jock.

Still Life with Bottles

Pete Hausler


An excerpt from Pete Hausler’s illustrated memoir, Staggertown: Notes from a Barstool.

Best. Season. Ever. (The EPL Thus Far)

Pete Hausler


Pete Hausler provides a rundown of the 2013 Barclays Premier League season thus far, with analysis of every major team. Art by Danny Jock.

Sorting Out The FA Cup

Pete Hausler


Every man, Jack, and soccer team in England (& some in Wales) gets a crack at the title in the oldest soccer competition in the history of the game––if anyone can figure out who’s in it. A run down of the Whys and WTFs of the FA Cup––and the greatest potential Cinderella soccer story––as play rejoins tomorrow.

Art, Film, Writing, Philosophy, Craft, History, Cosmic Connectivity (Oh, and Surfing)

Pete Hausler


The non-surfer’s appreciation of The Surfer’s Journal. A look back on the magic of the wave in its most compelling form and the moments that live on in legend.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: A Euro 2012 Wrap Up: UPDATED

Pete Hausler


Pete Hausler recaps the best, worst, and most ludicrous moments of Euro 2012, and shares his hopes and dreams for the future of soccer. Photo by Pawel Mielko.

His to Lose: A Belmont Stakes Preview

Pete Hausler


Pete Hausler makes his predictions for this year’s Belmont Stakes––even as Triple Crown contender I’ll Have Another is scratched from the race. Horse fan art by Danny Jock. Here’s mud in your eye.

Soccer’s Most Challenging Competition: A Euro 2012 Preview

Pete Hausler


The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kicks off tomorrow in Poland and Ukraine––with a new ball, to boot. Pete Hausler shares his picks for the group phase of Euro 2012.

This is Not a Typo: Manchester City are Champs

Pete Hausler


Neither “Manchester City are the Yankees” nor “Tesla invented soccer” made the cut for a rundown of the English Premier League’s 2011-2012 season. Pete Hausler tells it like it is.

Raise High The White Flag, Mancini: In Which Manchester City’s Coach Concedes. Again.

Pete Hausler


While Manchester City’s on-field form has fluctuated throughout the current English Premier League season, one thing has been constant: Coach Roberto Mancini, the King of the Conceders, has early and often genuflected to City’s cross-town rivals, Manchester United. It’s like he came to England from Italy two years ago expressly to kiss Sir Alex Ferguson’s rings. Rex Ryan he ain’t.