Two Poems

Mike Young


“If I get really tired, I have to watch / what I say. The arc of the universe isn’t even an arc.” Two new poems by Mike Young, via spring poetry editor Lucy Tiven.


Mike Young


A new lost poem from Mike Young, selected by Fanzine’s winter poetry editor, Joseph Young.

Four Poems

Mike Young


The fingernails of Mike Young’s poetry scratch up layers of language & history coded in the flesh, and raise the welt of the recent past. Grit right down there in the cuticle. Four new prose poems from the editor of NOÖ Journal.

“Same Heart They Put You In”

Mike Young


Mike Young has range. First saw him reciting poetry with puppets & other props, performing sans script. Was pretty blown away, especially after reading such weirdness sculpted beautifully in the book We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough. But wait, Young writes short fiction too – see Look! Look! Feathers which includes "Same Heart They Put You In". Here’s a wincingly funny bildungsromanesque (it’s a long story) that captures a 90s voice as well as Cameron Crowe’s Fast Times caught the 70s, John Hughes the 80s, or George W. Bush the 00s (who did capture that last decade?…Mike may’ve got that one too). So I’m bad for hyperbole, but in short, expect a blockbuster out of Young’s writing one day. And more puppets! -CM