ARTICLES BY Michael Louie

Hockey On Lock?

Michael Louie


Michael Louie on the effects of the latest hockey lockout––the third in 20 years––and why the biggest loser is the NHL itself.

Robert Anasi’s The Last Bohemia

Michael Louie


Michael Louie examines the parallels between Robert Anasi’s Brooklyn and his own––the rapid gentrification of an industrial landscape, the new life of the ol’ fishin’ hole, and what was lost in the transition into respectability.

1000 Hurts––One Year In the World of Obstacle Racing

Michael Louie


The world of obstacle racing was born out of traditional adventure racing, but in only a few short years has exploded in popularity garnering sponsors from Dial for Men to the coveted Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign. But is it just the primal sensation of crashing through muddy ponds and jumping fire pits that keeps people coming back every weekend by the tens of thousands? Michael Louie, who long considered himself to be the worst runner he knew, dives in.

Review: Patrick Wensink’s Broken Piano For President

Michael Louie


The author of Sex Dungeon for Sale (and recent Fanzine contributor) Patrick Wensink is back with a new novel (and a cassette tape), a comedy that straddles alcoholic despair with cosmic “Burger Wars”. Michael Louie reviews.

If Everyone Titles This Super Bowl Deja Vu Will That Make It So?

Michael Louie


You know the drill, if you know football. We saw this game a few years ago right? Giants and Patriots. Manning and Brady. Giants underdogs again. Michael Louie and I (Casey here) saw round 1 after a wedding in Salt Lake City. Our motley crew of Brooklynites in black took over the basement of some Pats bar and lost our shit as Eli became sweet butter late in the game and David Tyree caught a pass with his helmet. It was a divine day, Mike remembers, and we hope to stick it to New England again (am putting an inverse double hex on this blurb, as it will be old news and not jinxable come Monday).

Patrick Tsai’s Talking Barnacles blog—Would Vincent Approve?

Michael Louie


One of the things Vincent Gallo liked to do was take stuff from his childhood and sell it on the Internet. We all like to do things like…

DIY Guitar Amps—Would Vincent Approve?

Michael Louie


DIY Guitar Amps—Would VG Approve?

Like Vincent Gallo, I have few friends. I sometimes wonder why Vincent Gallo and I aren’t…

Bullitt in Miniature

Michael Louie



When I was young I was fascinated with the fact that my father’s first car was a dark green 1967 Mustang fastback, the…

Book: The Death of Bunny Munroe – Nick Cave

Michael Louie


Bunny Munroe, a serious cocksman of the real incorrigible sort, is set on a tail spin with reality and fate after the suicide of his wife, who killed…

Metal Blog from our friends

Michael Louie


Our friends Melissa and Nithtya made this awesome metal blog called Waves of Mutilation. It has a good dose of great humor but don’t mistake this…