ARTICLES BY Matthew Sherling

Space In Love With Space: An Interview with Ashley Obscura

Matthew Sherling


Ashley Obscura talks with Fanzine’s Matthew Sherling about internet consumption, protection from sadness, and why fishing magazines are more popular than lit journals.

Boost House: An Interview with Steve Roggenbuck

Matthew Sherling


The internet’s most optimistic poet talks with Fanzine about launching his new co-op cum publishing house, distancing himself from the apathy of the alt lit scene, and the importance of loving the moon.

An Interview With Young Family

Matthew Sherling


A revealing interview with the Young Family circus, aka Sam Pink and Kelly Schirmann, with new insights into the McDonalds conspiracy and the truth behind the sad dance-pop apocalypse––and the creative process that produced their first full-length album, King Cobra.

Interview with Spencer Madsen

Matthew Sherling


Spencer Madsen of Sorry House tells Matthew Sherling how content = promotion, about his hatred for the Post Office, & how he assumes Sam Pink, Scott McClanahan, & Tao Lin would act in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Interview: Alt Lit with Noah Cicero

Matthew Sherling


Matthew Sherling interviews Alt Lit author Noah Cicero about diligent writing, the future of literature, and the benefits of the internet.

The Object is Not the Art

Matthew Sherling


Artist Truong Tran presents his second major exhibition in San Francisco, At War, and interviewer Matthew Sherling joins in the fray. As close to home as the living room in Haight Ashbury where poetry is read, music is played, and the plastic cube everyone has been photographed naked in sits placidly, Tran’s art is a natural extension of his poetry––and his distrust of it.