“We’ve Been Getting A Lot of Calls About You”: Mark Baumer Hitchhikes the USA

Mark Baumer


One writer documents his journey as he attempts to hitchhike from Rhode Island to Los Angeles for the annual AWP Conference.

The Lost Tweets of @bobcoover

Mark Baumer


Is @bobcoover actually Robert Coover? If so, is it the same Robert Coover who wrote Pricksongs & Descants? Either way, Fanzine presents an archival restoration of the @bobcoover Twitter handle that Twitter suspended.


Mark Baumer


“Sometimes when he gets handed meat he will immediately begin eating it, but other times if he’s feeling obedient he will wait until he’s parked his truck and he’s alone.” New short text by Mark Baumer. Art by Danny Jock.

“We had 3D in my day and we called it AMERICA.”” On Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Mark Baumer


Mark Baumer goes deep line by line into the bloodbath of language that is Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals.

Sexting with Tom Brady

Mark Baumer


As Tom Brady prepares for the AFC championship, he sexts.

A Review of American Innovations by Rivka Galchen

Mark Baumer


Robin Williams, Tom Brady, and Chelsey Minnis all show up to play in Mark Baumer’s review-digression of Rivka Galchen latest novel.

Notes on Three Pages of Thomas Piketty’s Capital

Mark Baumer


Do you read Thomas Piketty? Didn’t think so. Mark Baumer didn’t really either, but gleans all we need to know about Capital from the first three pages of the book.

Thoughts on Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones

Mark Baumer


Mark Baumer takes his wild eye to Shane Jones’s newest novel, Crystal Eaters, released this week from Two Dollar Radio.

Dream Sex With Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage

Mark Baumer


At last, a window into Mark Baumer’s nightly dreamlife, comprising a very special sort of sex with a special set of people.

Fifty Life Lessons from Sam Pink’s Witch Piss

Mark Baumer


What can you learn from Witch Piss? Mark Baumer elucidates fifty deeper understandings one may gather from the mind of Sam Pink.