ARTICLES BY Laura Carter

What Could This Possibly Be the End Of?: On Kate Greenstreet’s The End of Something

Laura Carter


Kate Greenstreet’s latest deepens her riveting, multi-voiced exploration of the impermanence of life and love. Laura Carter reviews.

“From a reflection in both paintings”: Valerie Mejer’s Rain of the Future as the Fragments of Narrative

Laura Carter


Valerie Mejer’s Rain of the Future passes over and over through sleeping and waking states to weave a sense of identity among our mass collective history. Laura Carter reviews.

A Review of Joshua Corey’s Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy

Laura Carter


An early look at Joshua Corey’s An American Elegy, a strategic exploration of the terrain between mother and detective. Laura Carter reviews.

Notes on Conceptualisms and Affects: A Series of Axioms (in Andante)

Laura Carter


The Emperor of Poetry has no clothes. Art by Danny Jock.

Some Notes on Andy Mister’s Liner Notes

Laura Carter


An interview with Andy Mister on the “meta-modern” Liner Notes, narrowing the margin where music and writing meet.

Bringing Back the I: Ana Božičević’s Rise in the Fall

Laura Carter


The Self and Sensibility of Ana Božičević’s Rise in the Fall.

“When you come to the water / you should fear nothing”

Laura Carter


A course in knowing: Emily Toder’s Science.

I know now that nothing written will bring love

Laura Carter


A review of Jenny Boully’s first versebook: of the mismatched teacups, of the single-serving spoon: a book of failures: and what she found there: the A’s and the X’s and the necessary that got away.

The Impulse of the Irr: Darby Larson’s Irritant

Laura Carter


The progress of the irr (Ur) is charted through the swimming sea of flowerpots and otherness. Hindu mythology? Creative process? The tale of what is both friend and foe exploded.

A Review of Gina Myers’s Hold It Down

Laura Carter


Not more deep, more shallow. You take what you can.” A review of Gina Myers’s Hold It Down and the things that make up a life.