ARTICLES BY Julie Perini

Provocateurs and Participants – a review of Acting Out: Social Experiments in Video at the ICA Boston

Julie Perini


Artist Julie Perini describes the current exhibition at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Acting Out: Social Experiments in Video as one “sidestepping the moral responsibility of academia,” as 5 international artists: Yael Bartana, Johanna Billing, Phil Collins, Javier Tellez, and Artur Zmijewski act as rogue sociologists who “freely borrow from the methods and conventions of fiction and documentary filmmaking while deploying their own hybrid strategies.” These works are complex aesthetically and tackle the politics of the body, both from the individual and global perspective. They beg not only physical engagement from their players, but intense attention from their viewers. If you are in New England this summer don’t miss it.

Review: Carolee Schneemann at CEPA, Buffalo, NY

Julie Perini


Artist Carolee Schneeman has a retrospective at CEPA in Buffalo, NY. Julie Pereni visits and comments on this thematically arranged show and the artist who for 40 years has made work "that keeps one finger on the pulse of humanity, addressing the brutal reality of war, and another finger on the collective clitoris, emphasizing female agency and embodiment."