ARTICLES BY Joshua Cohen

‘Indentical City’

Joshua Cohen


Scary doesn’t end abruptly each year at the 24 hundred hour, 10/31. We’re gonna keep up the creep through the new year if we can help it… thusly, here’s a nervy piece from Joshua Cohen. One of the most productive and inventive authors we’ve read in years, Cohen is always a pleasure to have on Fanzine. His teeming talent is metered by an earthy humor and humility (when I wrote him and said I thought he was more Joyce than Faulkner based on a recent Rumpus interview, he said actually all the inspiration comes from The Uncle Floyd Show). ‘Identical City’ is from his Genizah series, which he will be reading from November 6th at the Writers House at New York University (58 West 10th St., 5pm. Come if in NY). Art here by Danny Jock.


Joshua Cohen


It’s hard not to be gun shy in writing a blurb for this gem from Joshua Cohen. After all, it’s one of the king of quips, the slush pile lord, who gets his clock cleaned in it. Cohen’s recent work includes the novels Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto and A Heaven of Others, and Aleph-Bet: An Alphabet for the Perplexed (three texts). For more see his website.  I command ye to read more Cohen, yes.

Untitled: A Review

Joshua Cohen


A book reviewer finds that a submission is more than a tad bit personal. 6 million pages worth. This story is from Cohen’s recently released collection on Twisted Spoon Press called The Quorum.