Marque of Goodness

Jon Leon


How does one define the undefinable? It is the enigmatic and ineffable marque of goodness that Jon Leon does his ostensive best to name, winding his way through the meandering hooks of Jane Eyre, Marilyn Monroe, and the LA-based writer Kate Durbin, and in the end, winds up writing a book review. It’s good.

Glory Holes and Hot Tubs: Dan Hoy and Jon Leon in Conversation

Jon Leon


Mal-O-Mar Editions recently published Glory Hole / The Hot Tub, a double-sided book of poetry from Dan Hoy and Jon Leon. In honor of the occasion Fanzine presents this wide-ranging conversation between the two authors on such subjects as messianic time, Baudelaire, Henry Hazlitt, Dante’s Inferno, Native American Potlach traditions, Return on Investment (ROI), crowd-sourcing, anemia, Citysearch movie theater reviews and, of course, hot tubs. Hoy and Leon also helpfully explain the difference between fuck-it-all and who-gives-a-fuck. 

if we were immortal: Slater Bradley at Team Gallery

Jon Leon


‘Much has been written about New York artist Slater Bradley since his debut at Team Gallery ten years ago. Some have sung his praises, some his pitfalls. In some cases facileness is implied, in others, eminence. No matter what or how you call it, Bradley’s youthful obsessions are always engaging, never boring, and totally worth it,’ Jon Leon writes about the artist’s lastest show at Team, if we were immortal.