That Odd-looking Object of Desire

Jon Frosch


Jon Frosch totally has a thing for Charlotte Gainsbourg, who stars in Michel Gondry’s newest film, The Science of Sleep, which may win the award for cutest movie of the year. There’s something about her that you can’t put your finger on… Jon Frosch happily takes the case.

Changing Times: a film by Andre Techine

Jon Frosch


Jon Frosch brings us the work of André Téchiné, a French filmmaker we should all probably know by now, but probably don’t. Frosch reviews Téchiné’s latest film Changing Times, featuring Gérard Depardieu and the ever timeless Catherine Deneuve.

Titles a la Francaise

Jon Frosch


Jon Frosch is a new writer for Fanzine and he explains France’s insidious plot to stereotype the children of America by retitling French releases of Hollywood films according to their whims. It might be lost in translation or maybe we were justified in the whole Freedom Fries affair. Either way, something is going on…