ARTICLES BY Jeff Rovinelli

Repetition with Variation: The Sound of an Electronic Summer — Tobacco “Maniac Meat,” The Books “The Way Out,” Autechre “Move of Ten” and Matmos / So Percussion “Treasure State”

Jeff Rovinelli


In Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, Douglas says to his 10-year-old brother Tom: "You realize that every summer we do the same thing over and over. . . like making dandelion wine, like buying new tennis shoes, like shooting off the first firecracker of the year, like making lemonade, like getting slivers in our feet, like picking wild fox grapes. Every year the same things, the same way, no change, no difference. That’s one half of summer, Tom." But the other half of the summer, they soon realize, is things you do for the first time. Jeff Rovinelli of Tiny Mix Tapes takes on four of this summer’s most interesting experimental electronic music albums, looking at the limitations of having an established sound and the possibilities for expanding, altering and incorporating new methods within that.