ARTICLES BY Jaime Clarke

Talk Show 8 with Allison Lynn, Joshua Neuman, Thisbe Nissen, Dan Pope, and Rachel Sherman

Jaime Clarke


In the new Talk Show Jaime Clarke leads the gab with authors Allison Lynn, Joshua Neuman, Thisbe Nissen, Dan Pope, and Rachel Sherman. The theme this time around is "family myths." They say truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, but is your family as disfunctional as the folks on Seinfeld? Or wish they were? Find out about a family who does and more in Talk Show 8. Art by Danny Jock.

Talk Show 7: Julianna Baggott, Lisa Borders, Maria Flook, Antonya Nelson, Darin Strauss

Jaime Clarke


It’s Talk Show time again, and in episode 7 Jaime Clarke talks to authors Julianna Baggot, Lisa Borders, Maria Flook, Antonya Nelson and Darin Strauss about the most monumentally significant pop culture moments in their lives. Art by Danny Jock, who explains in defense of the somewhat baldness of his Tricky Dick spector that "ghosts don’t have hair, silly…"

Talk Show 6: Susan Cheever, Rachel Kadish, Daphne Kalotay, Mameve Medwed, Hannah Tinti, Vendela Vida

Jaime Clarke


In Talk Show 6, Jaime Clarke asks authors Susan Cheever, Rachel Kadish, Mameve Medwed, Hannah Tinti, and Vendela Vida to conjure memories of their first day of school. Art by Danny Jock.

Talk Show 5: with Maud Casey, Myla Goldberg, Karl Iagnemma, Christopher Sorrentino

Jaime Clarke


In the 5th installment of Talk Show, Fanzine’s regular hot seat thing-a-ma-jig for writers, host Jaime Clarke speaks with authors Maud Casey, Myla Goldberg, Karl Iagnemma and Christopher Sorrentino. The conversation is framed by this challenge: "Name an historical event you wish you would’ve witnessed/participated in and why." Art by Danny Jock.

Talk Show 4 with T Cooper, Lisa Selin Davis, Ellen Litman, Elissa Schappell, and Amanda Eyre Ward

Jaime Clarke


Talk Show 4 theme? – childhood hero. It’s surprising and I guess telling who some writers’ heroes of youth were and why. I mean T-Cooper? Everyone who’s read this seems to ask wait, what about Radar, or that guy in drag? In any case, M*A*S*H* to most of my generation was in general a stay up late re-run privelege that tended to bleed into the burdensome when older fanatics hogged control of the remote, in a post prime time herb and Cheetohs induced existential coma. But it’s a great unexpected off the waller (the young sly Alda) and there’s a good variety of heoric fanfare from a fine selection of writers this month. Hosted by Jaime Clarke and with art as usual by Danny Jock.

TALK SHOW 3: with Mike Albo, David Hollander, Molly Jong-Fast, Lewis Robinson, and Wesley Stace

Jaime Clarke


In the third installment of Talk Show, the game show where contestants…I mean the forum where writers are asked about everything else but writing, host Jaime Clarke leads a discussion around the topic – "first kiss." Art by Danny Jock.

Talk Show 2: with Steve Almond, Emily Franklin, Lydia Millet, and Neal Pollack

Jaime Clarke


In the second episode of Talk Show, the monthly Fanzine feature where writers talk about anything except for writing, our guests discuss movies they would like to remake. Illustrations by Danny Jock.

Talk Show 1: with Tod Goldberg, Pagan Kennedy, Rick Moody, and Elizabeth Searle

Jaime Clarke


When you’d like to know what model typewriter your favorite author prefers or in which room of her split-level country estate she line edits, the Paris Review‘s legendary interviews are your first-stop resource. But where do you go when you want to find out what writers think about, well, everything else besides writing? Welcome to Talk Show, a new monthly feature moderated by novelist Jaime Clarke, where writers chat like everyday people. In our inaugural episode, Tod Goldberg, Pagan Kennedy, Rick Moody, and Elizabeth Searle share memories of their first concert experiences. Illustrations by Danny Jock.