ARTICLES BY Emily Schultz

Women Making Love With Monsters

Emily Schultz


Maybe you are well versed in mythology, like you have a good grasp of the Greek monsters – the minotaurs, centaurs, harpies, and such? the Irish Dulhallan, or the Hebrew Leviathan and Behemoth always ready to duke it out? But have you ever seen any at a party? Have you ever run your gaze over an entire Dewey Decimal horde of unearthly beasts and got your pick of the litter, the most well hhhh… happy to see you? Well parties, as they did in Roman times, still tend to end rather ugly, with drunken garrolousness and folks fighting in the streets. Emily Schultz, author of Heaven Is Small and cooeditor of Joyland, guides us on a night like no other. Art by Danny Jock.