ARTICLES BY David Berridge

“I make (myself): envoi”: Nancy Spero’s Contemporary Poetics

David Berridge


The exhibition Nancy Spero – initiated at the Centre Pompidou, Paris last fall and adapted for Serpentine Gallery, London this past spring – was the first major retrospective of Spero since the artist’s death in 2009. Wandering between the two, in a landscape populated by feminine bodies, hieroglyphics, and Antonin Artaud, David Berridge explores the dialogue that exists between Spero, artists of the past, poetics of the present, and artistic politics yet to be born.

New Poethic Folk Cultures of John Cage Go Large

David Berridge


David Berridge is: "trying to hold in mind the experience of viewing Every Day is a Good Day, the show of John Cage’s visual art, first seen at BALTIC in Newcastle last summer, and now touring the UK. Or, rather, keep some memory of the show in dialogue with the reproductions in the catalogue; hold to its distinctiveness whilst seeing it alongside Cage’s music and writing; unfold its specifics without losing sense of the contemporary. A relationship to Cage in 2011, as always, is a shifting, complex thing."