ARTICLES BY Brian Joseph Davis

Bury My Heart at Tataouine

Brian Joseph Davis


Who here recalls Westworld? – in which a robotic Yul Brenner made the bald-guy-in-cowboy-hat look hip long before today’s slew of Hair Club, Stetson-glued-on, Nashville stars? Well, that’s neither here nor there for this story, except that it’s a loosely cloaked sci-fi western. Brian Joseph Davis, author of the novels I, Tanya and Portable Altamont, and one of the editors at the esteemed lit site Joyland, puts Star Wars fanatics into a faux journalistic, Jodorowsky style western that’s dry and crisp like a fine Chianti washing down a spaghetti shoot-em-up. Enjoy a taste here. Art by Danny Jock.