ARTICLES BY Brandon Stosuy

An Interview with Stoya

Brandon Stosuy


Brandon Stosuy returns with an interview of another of the bright new pornographers (no not the Canadian band) following his exclusive with Sasha Grey (who just won AVN performer of the year!). This time around we meet 21 year old sex star/entrepreneur Stoya. Stoya makes her own rubber clothes, reads a ton, blogs on social networking sites like God’s Girls, and has no patience for bad Metallica covers.

CocoRosie: The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn, a review

Brandon Stosuy


CocoRosie blends music boxes and creaky Victrolas, speak-and-spells and rainbows, a rooster’s cacaphony with hip-hop, track suits and moustaches with pill-box hats. They also have a new record, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, out on Touch and Go. Brandon Stosuy takes a break from heavy metal to review it here.

Sasha Grey: Dawn of Porn Star (interview)

Brandon Stosuy


Brandon Stosuy conducts a revealing interview with one of the porn industry’s brightest (and youngest) stars – Sasha Grey, an uninhibited entrepreneur who plays left-handed guitar, appreciates a fine single malt, and experimental fiction from Burroughs to Mark Danielewski. (Note: some links not suitable for those under 18… if you are under 18 don’t click further.)

Interview with Peter Sotos

Brandon Stosuy


Brandon Stosuy catches up with controversial author Peter Sotos, a writer furthering the pursuits of De Sade, Bataille, and perhaps Genet, though when asked Sotos will tell you what he really digs is the work of self-proclaimed militant feminist Andrea Dworkin. Is he for real? Read and see.

Interview with Carl Newman

Brandon Stosuy


From the New Pornographers to A.C. Newman, Carl Newman is one of rock’s most fiery and proficient talents. Brandon Stosuy finds the Canadian in San Francisco and talks to him about everything from burritos to Borges.