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Interview with director Marco Williams

Benjamin Strong


Benjamin Strong interviews director Marco Williams prior to the run of his documentary Banished at New York’s Film Forum. Banished tackles seriously the sensitive, often scoffed at, subject of literal reparations for stolen land in three communities in the South.

MR. CLEAN: Greg LeMond and Pro Cycling’s Doping Problem

Benjamin Strong


As the Tour de France starts today, Benjamin Strong examines one of the last true heroes of cycling, Greg LeMond. With all the doping allegations against Floyd Landis, insinuated against Lance Armstrong, and probably countless others in the past, LeMond stands out as a great who never quite fulfilled his potential, but what he accomplished he did through skill and determination alone, without the doping that’s as pervasive throughout cycling history as any other major sport.

Oscar Agonistes: The 2007 Academy Awards Take 2

Benjamin Strong


Scorsese scored one finally, but give some props to the departed, the deceased (not the film) that is, like Robert Altman, Ben Strong says about this year’s politically tame Oscar ceremony. Also be sure to check out Kevin Killian’s Oscar coverage.

Video Killed the Film Director

Benjamin Strong


David Lynch’s Inland Empire is his most enigmatic movie yet. And it’s our first masterpiece of the DV era. It will be screening tonight, Monday October 8th at the New York Film Festival.

Cheap Shot: Notes on Donald Rumsfeld and the Game of Squash

Benjamin Strong


Donald Rumsfeld wants you! To challenge him to a game of hardball squash. Actually, he probably wants you to enlist as well, but that’s not the point of this column by squash veteran Benjamin Strong. Strong wrangles through the mixed metaphors assigned to the Secretary of Defense’s recreation, and finds they may not be as astute as their writers believe.

The Final Days: Seeing Bush, Thinking Nixon

Benjamin Strong


Richard Nixon resigned as president of the United States 32 years ago, but his legacy and his downfall still linger throughout the current administration. Benjamin Strong draws out some striking similarities between the life and times in 1974 and in 2006, and finds more than just military quagmires and sunken presidential approval ratings. Possibly our strongest (excuse the unintentional pun) piece to date.

Modern Life is Rubbish: Antonioni on DVD

Benjamin Strong


Finally…Why does it take so damn long to get the whole oeuvre of the best filmmakers out there on DVD (think David Lynch for instance?). Are they waiting on Blu-Ray? In any case at least The Passenger, one of Michelangelo Antonioni’s classics, has finally arrived, and Benjamin Strong has been itching to give the whole bunch a wrap up. With focus on the Italian’s gorgeous mise-en-scene, read and enjoy, then hit up Blockbusters, get your Netflix cue in order, or better, support your local independent movie store … mmmm … popcorn, deserves the non-microwave kind.

Oscar’s Grouch: Robert Altman Takes His Like A Lamb

Benjamin Strong


Well, everyone was expecting fireworks, the Michael Moore moment of 2006, but the 81 year old lion laid down with the lambs on Oscar night, and just promised more work to come.

Son of Kong

Benjamin Strong


Strong, a film buff reared on late 70’s blockbusters, questions Peter Jackson’s "purist" remake of the 1933 original. He also posits which one of the 3 Kongs is more relevant to this day and age, coming to his answer through a personal reflection on family, violence and refuge.