Busdriver: The Avatar of ‘Less Yeses, More No’s’ in the Era of ‘Yes, We Can’

Ben Bush


If Obama’s historic ascendancy and the recent month long bull run has extended November’s sense of euphoria of ‘yes we did’ and that all is well again in the world, just remember there are still some Cassandras out there, dissenters like Los Angeles based hip hop artist Regan Farquhar, a.k.a. Busdriver.  But don’t pigeonhole him because as he put it himself, “I’m against everything.” Controversial true, but with lyrics belted so lightning fast, he’s tagging all the bases and then some. Busdriver is interviewed and profiled here by Ben Bush.

Review of Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary

Ben Bush


Hypertext Lit is no longer a fad but a fact. From the earlier experiments of Shelley Jackson and Robert Coover on to today’s ebooks on iPhones and Kindles, electronic literature is here for the long haul, making its mark in more ways than you’d think. Ben Bush reviews a thorough study of the subject – Professor N. Katherine Hayles’ Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary.

Supergroup in Reverse: The Afterlife of cLOUDDEAD

Ben Bush


Ben Bush tracks the big bangish explosion of what was once a taut singularity, the eclectic hip hop supergroup cLOUDDEAD, and the future of its former mates Yoni Wolf, David Madson, and Adam Drucker. Bush argues that the music that has followed in the aftermath is a heap more complex and interesting than the original structure.

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Kim Jong Il Bashing? An Interview With Bruce Cumings

Ben Bush


Professor Bruce Cumings on the North Korean nuclear stand off and U.S. intervention: “There is no military option on the Korean peninsula… the nuclear program can only be ended through negotiation.” Ben Bush discusses the problem of an intransigent North Korea with expert Bruce Cumings.

“In the Blink of an All Seeing Eye”

Ben Bush


Ben Bush delivers to us this tale about superfamous filmmaker Vic Graburn (in words and illustrations by Bush himself).

Interview with William T. Vollmann

Ben Bush


Stargazing? Actually that’s somewhat misleading in the title. Copernicus, one of Vollmann’s recent subjects, had to rely more on the careful study of the work of his compatriots and predecessors, than on actual stargazing. Vollmann takes Copernicus to heart, especially in terms of dutiful research. Why does America have George W. Bush for another terrible term? Not enough reading Vollmann says.

Interview with Neung Phak (AKA Mono Pause etc)

Ben Bush


Ben Bush catches up with Peter Conheim and Mark Gergis of the experimental semi-faux Asian pop group Neung Phak, Mono Pause, and other enigmatic musical projects